Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Cards

We will be sending out Christmas cards in the next couple of days. If you would like to receive one please leave me your address. My comment moderator is on so your addresses will not be public!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

July Update

July has been such a crazy month for us. It seems like we are always going and never have a spare minute for anything! I wasnt quite sure how to post everything that has happened so here is a quick little recap!

*Wayman Family BBQ- Every summer we get together to celebrate my Great-Grandma Waymans Birthday. This is we had bouncy toys, good food and as always good company!

*Jonny has been playing in American Forks Softball league and they had their final tournament. I have no idea where they placed because I was usually to busy playing with this cute girl!

*We spent a week at the Ranch in Star Valley. We fished at the pond, went white water rafting in Jackson Hole and basically just relaxed, it was so nice! Jonny and Abbey were determined to catch a fish so we spent most of our time at the dock. They didnt have any luck but the sure had fun on the paddleboat!

* The Fultons visit Utah! My Aunt Carrie and her family came for a long vacation in Utah. We had tons of fun with them. We had a BBQ, played with sidewalk chalk, lite fireworks, and the boys did Ifly.

* Most importantly on August 1, Jonny and I were sealed in the Mount Timpangos Temple. I dont think there is a better way to spend your anniversary than at the temple. We were so grateful our families could be there with us!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Havasupai- Warning really long post!

Over the 4th of July we were in Havasuapai with Jonny's business partner Clay and his wife. We found out about Havasupai from them and Jonny begged me to go. We decided that we should just go and experience it once. Let me tell you, from our crazy experience we will probably never go back. The weeks before going, I looked it up online everyday so that I would know what to expect. Here is a recap of our great experience!

Driving through Vegas we stopped by Hover Dam. They are building a huge suspended bridge right over the dam, which was really cool!

After driving for 10 hours we finally reached the Hilltop. When we got there the sun was starting to set and the Indians wouldn't let us hike down because of flash floods. So the first night we camped in the parking lot. We all slept like crap. People were coming and going, car alarms kept going off, and finally at 4:00AM we were up. We started our hike down around 4:30AM. The hike down was a breeze, it was all down hill, our first hour was in the dark, and it was overcast.

Getting to the Village we were all pretty hungry after hiking for 10 miles. We decided before going to the campground we would eat breakfast at the Village Cafe. After sitting down for awhile, we all noticed how sore we all instantly were and decided we should continue the rest of the hike to the campgrounds.

After hiking for another two miles to the campgrounds you come around a corner and see beautiful Havasu Falls! It was absolutely breathtaking!

Once we had found our campsite, we decided to go back up to Havasu and swim in the falls after our long hike. The water at Havasu was freezing! I was surprised that there were only a few people there and we basically had the place to ourselves. After playing in the falls most of the day, we decided to head back to camp and call it a night!

The next day we all woke up really sore and with blisters all over our feet. Well really only I had blisters, I don't know how Jonny lucked out! We decided that we were going to spend the day at Mooney Falls and maybe hike down to Beaver Falls. We had heard that Beaver falls had been washed away by a flash flood that happened last year, and wasn't worth the hike to see it. The hike to Mooney Falls was interesting. After reading about it on the Internet, I knew I was in for a treat being afraid of heights!

* Here is the best picture of the trail I could find. I didn't take one myself because I was holding on for dear life. You basically climb down a cliff and the Indians have been nice enough to put chains in the mountain for you to hold onto.

We spent the whole day at Mooney and walking down the river and enjoy the other little waterfalls that were basically hidden. We headed to bed early that night because we were hiking out the next morning.

Hiking out was the most awful thing ever. We left camp around 6:30AM, we had paid for a mule to take our bags out so we figured that the hike would be a breeze. We were so wrong! One of the other kids we were with had fallen while exploring a cave and had hurt his tailbone so this slowed us way down. Once we really got started on the trail we realized that the whole hike was going to be in the sun! We were all almost out of water and were not even to the switchbacks. Once we arrived at the switchbacks the poor kid we were with could barely walk. It was the heat of the day and there was absolutely no shade. Jonny and I decided we were not going to slow down because it was way too hot.

*Here is a picture of the switchbacks. You can kind of see the parking lot on the right top corner. It is basically up the cliff.

We had given our last water bottle to the other couple and continued on our way up the mountain. We literally thought we were going to die. It was so hot, we were out of water, there is no water at the top and we still had 1 mile to the top. Hiking that mile was the longest mile of my life. Once we were at the top Clay had caught up to us saying that their friend needed a horse because there was no way he was going to be able to finish hiking. So while we waited for the rest of our group Jonny went to find out bags.

This is when we found out that they had forgotten our bags at the bottom. As soon as I heard that, lots of bad words went through my head. How could they seriously forget our bags? We freakin paid $90.00. They told Jonny there was absolutely no way our bags were being brought up that day. At that point I was glad that Jonny is my husband because if all of our gear wasn't brand new I would have just left it there. Jonny was trying everything to get our bags up, but it wasn't working. He finally got the Indian to call down to the village to find out what was going on. The lady in the Village told us we had the wrong day, but Jonny had our receipt, so she told us that they thought the helicopter was going to bring them up, but it wasn't running, so they basically gave our mule to someone else.

I finally stopped caring and decided to just let Jonny handle it and I went and laid in the Jeep. A few minutes later Jonny comes to tell us that one of the Indians- Leland is his name, brother was going to bring our bags up, but since it is not his regular job, we would have to pay him $100.00. We all really didn't care, we just wanted out bags so we could go and get some water. So we waited for two hours for our bags to be brought up. During these two hours, we were certainly entertained- or basically shocked, by these two Indians at the hilltop. They were both drunk, on shrooms, and offered Jonny some of their Marijuana. We basically were scammed by all these lame Indians.

We were not very impressed. Yes, the falls are beautiful, but the land itself is filthy.

We spent the 4th in Vegas, but after hiking all day, driving forever (we missed and exit and ended up in California) we just showered, ate dinner, and all went to bed. Our trip was great! My advice for those wanting to go to Havasupai is to take the Helicopter!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What are we thinking!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the economy and how it is effecting Jonny and I. To be honest Jonny and I have not really felt the pull that others are feeling. We definitely work hard to have our nice things and are able to go out to dinner, but have not really had to worry about paying our bills or buying groceries. Seeing our spending habits lately has made me think of ways we can cut back and start saving more money; in case we do come to a time when we need it. Luckily I have a really great husband who excellent with money and budgeting, but what was I willing to do to contribute? So I googled ways to cut back on spending here is what came up.

1. Cook at home more often.
- We eat out quite frequently. The weekend comes and all we do is go to dinner or lunch. We definitlely can be better at this! Jonny you will now be taking lunch to work!
2. Brown bag lunch at least of few days.
- I take lunch everyday. There is occasionally a time when I dont and will eat out, but Jonny eats out everyday!
3. Make list before going grocery shopping.
- I am a master list maker. I make lists for everything grocery shopping included. The problem with this is we just end up adding crap that we dont need to the list.
4. Disconnect land line if possible.
- We do not have a landline, but our cell phone bill is pretty high. So think of ways to cut back cellphone costs.
5. Avoid impulse buying.
- Jonny and I are awful at this. If we want it, we buy it. We really need to start buying things we absolutely need.
Finally, keep distance from lavish, high-roller friends.
- So to all of our high-roller friends keep away, we cant keep up with your lifestyle! haha

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

Jonny and I didnt have any real big plans for Memorial Day since his family was camping and we didnt go. We decided Saturday to hike to Timp Cave. I dont have any pictures since we decided not to bring our camera with us. It is actually good we dont have pictures because we could barely make it up the freakin trail! We both hadn't hiked it since we were younger and it is a lot harder than we thought it was going to be! Needless to say we are both out of shape!

Later that day we decided to go watch Jonny's brother Jace in his baseball tournament. We dont get to see him very often so we take every chance we can get. He plays catcher was awesome. They had won there previous game 10-0, but lost the second game.

On Memorial Day we decided to go to the Zoo. We had my sister Abbey with us so we had Brooke and Macee come with us. The Zoo was super crowded but Macee had so much fun looking at the animals.

Taylor Swift Concert

I went to the Taylor Swift concert with my mom and sisters. She was absolutely amazing! It was the best concert I have ever been too. She was so fun to watch and was such a good singer live. I was most impressed at how humble she was. There was a point when she just stood there for a few minutes took out her earphones and just listened to the crowd cheering for her. She was seriously so cute! I only took a few pictures since I was too busy having agood time!

Here very last song was my favorite. I didnt get a very good video of it so I stole it from Youtube.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Rest of Washington DC

I just wanted to finish posting our DC pictures. We have tons of pictures so here are a few more of a couple things we did while we were there.

We went to the Navel Academy in Annapolis, MD. Annapolis is absolutely beautiful, it had great shopping and great food!

Mount Vernon was one of my favorite things we did. It amazes me that George Washington actually live in this house.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Washington DC- Day 2

On day 2 we had a late start with our jet lag and the two hour time difference. We were scheduled for a private tour of the Capitol and barely got there in time. We were able to get a private tour thanks to one of Ashlee's roommates who works for Senator Harry Reid. We were able to watch the Senate in session and visit the crypt which is the very center of Washington DC and where they had planned to bury George Washington.

This is a picture of the dome in the Rotunda of the Capitol.

Here we are standing in the very center of Washington DC.

After our tour of the Capitol we wanted to go and see and a few museums, but by the time we got there, they were closed, so we just hung around The Mall and took some pictures.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Washington DC- Day 1

Our first evening in Washington DC was pretty uneventful. Since it was St. Patrick's Day we had planned to go watch some Celtic Dancers at the Kennedy Center and then go to an Irish Pub for dinner. When we arrived at the Kennedy Center there were so many people we could not even see the dancers! So instead of watching the dancer we went out and took some pictures of the Kennedy Center and the Potomac River.

Next to the Kennedy Center is Watergate Office Building, which is where Condoleezza Rice now lives.
We then rode the Metro to Chinatown for dinner. We had originally planned to go to an Irish pub, but when we got there, the line was out the door. So we had dinner at this little BBQ place.

After dinner we decided to go and see the Monuments at night. We first went to the Lincoln Monument, which was so amazing! We then walked around to a few other monuments but didn't really see a whole since it was freezing and we were tired.

That is all we did for Day 1, which seems like so much in just the few hours we had been there. I will post Day 2 later and there will be more pictures to come!