Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I am not a runner. I completely loathe running on a treadmill, running out doors, any type of running, I just dont do it. Things changed when I started working at FFP, everyone I work with runs. Last June they all did the Wasatch Back and I was jealous, because for the first time ever running sounded like fun.

Here is a description of the Wasatch Back:

Think of it as a 178-mile party with 12 best friends. Teams of 12 will rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. Teams will party along the backside of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains from Logan (85 miles north of Salt Lake City) to Park City, Utah (15 miles east of Salt Lake City).

I knew that the next time it came around I was going to do it. So here I am thinking that I am going to do a relay from Logan to Park City. I am determined to do whatever it takes! The race is June 19-20, so I have a lot of training to do!

Ogden Marathon

I saw that my cousin Ali was going to run the Ogden Marathon. When I saw that, I had a spark go off and I totally knew that I could do it. So now on top of the Wasatch Back, on May 16th I will be running the Ogden Marathon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Jonny got one of these...

and I am jealous!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I am usually horrible at New Years Resolutions. To be honest I usually forget what mine are by February. So I hope that if I publish them, I will be able to go back and look at them, and actually be able to accomplish them.

1. Work out more/ Run
2. Train for Wasatch Back
3. Have FHE with Jonny
4. Drink more water...and less Dr. Pepper
5. Read 24 or more new books
6. Write more Thank You cards
7. Attend the Temple one time a week
8. Have more personal Scripture study
9. Try more new recipes
10. Take a photography class

Hopefully, I will be able to remember these and really try to continue pushing my self to be better!