Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Recap

2008 was a pretty eventful year for us. We got married and spent lots of time with our families and friends. Here are a few of the great things that happened in 2008:

- We got engaged in February
- Lindsay moved to AF and started a new job
- Traveled to St. George and Vegas a few times with great friends
- Jonny's real estate business flourished and he started The Red Sign
- We got Married
- Made a few "major" purchases: Two huge T.V.'s for Jonny and a Nikon D40 for Lindsay
- Went camping to Lake Lyman with the Peterson Family
- I got my first ever flat tire and had to call my FIL to come and fix it.
- Went to San Fran and saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street and Chinatown
- Moved into our first apartment

We have been very blessed with the slowing economy. Jonny's job couldn't be going any better and mine has been very steady. We are feeling very lucky to still have food on our table, a house over our heads and even more importantly great jobs that allow us lots of freedom. We have had a great year and are hoping 2009 will be even better!